Mowgli – Bare Necessities

Just a quick follow-up from my post from Mowgli.

Just realized that had captured the video of the final song from the show. Enjoy 🙂

Large               –               Medium              –               Small



The woodpecker and the moon

At our cabin we’ve had a woodpecker visiting during the last year. He keeps coming back to our bird feeder, and he no longer cares whether we’re outside or not. The other day I went outside, and he was sitting high in the tree, and the moon was right behind him, so I ran for my camera and got this shot.

Evening show at Levanger

A little while ago my wife told me to look outside at the beautiful clouds. The sun had broken through a day which had been completely gray, and this one cloud stood out, and reflected in the ocean.


I walked down to the beach and caught the sun coming through the clouds.

Here is another shot of the clouds.






Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to see my daughter Oda Mari in the play Mowgli at her high-school. She was the cute little elephant who wanted to play and not march with the others.

They were all really great, and true to their animals. Great fun. Enjoy the photos below.

Photo shoot with Red Riding Hood

The last time I was in Germany, I did a photo shoot with the model Red Riding Hood. Here are a couple of the images from the shoot.

I stayed at the Astralis Domizil hotel which has a really nice new sauna, and the text on their web-page was that photos would come soon. I offered them some of the photos to use on their web-site. They are included in this slide-show.


Brikkelauget is an association for “Grown-up Lego-freaks” (sorry if my translation is too far off, guys) in Norway, and today they had an exhibition in Trondheim. They are doing fantastic stuff with the Legos, as the following pictures show.

I tried to capture some of the details, but as you can see, I’m not used to shooting models in this scale, as the depth-of-field is too narrow in some of the images.

After a couple of minutes, my daughter came and told met that I was in the exhibition. According to her, this is me on a typical day 🙂

I liked this model of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget):

And especially the lions outside (compare with the real thing :-).

There was also a really nice model of “Studentersamfundet”

Detail from the back door

I also found some of the old style Legos, which is what I played with myself as a kid:


Some details from the city:

I just loved this guy, bringing flowers and wine to his girlfriend

Here is the Bakery… But what is the security guy to the left doing there?

The movie theater:

Wordplay on “Dressman”. Guess the translation would be “Brickman”

Here is the Taj Mahal:

I used to drive a ’69 beetle myself, almost like this

A lot of stuff is going on in the backyard

The Kongsberg Railway station

where the Grim Reaper is getting some medical assistance since he missed his train

And finally a really fascinating binary counting machine


A random selection of birds shot from my cabin.