Artistic sunset


Taken at 22:55, about 20 minutes after sunset. The blur is caused by moving the camera horizontally.

Sony Alpha A99 – 1/13, F14, ISO 100, 50mm, 24-70F2.8



The sky and ocean is on fire


Another beautiful sunset at Levanger. I have not adjusted the colors in this photo. This is the way they were… This is taken at 22:52.

Sony Alpha A99 – 1/100, F4.5, ISO100, 24mm, 24-70F2.8


Another Diploma

I received a diploma from the 2nd Greek Photographic circuit :-).

In total, I’ve now received 27 international FIAP acceptances for this photo, in addition to this diploma.


Triple me selfie


While at the workshop at Agdenes last week-end, I took this tripple-self-portrait. This is done with one exposure only, at the middle of the day and it’s taken with by Sony Alpha SLT A99, with  SAL70200F2.8, F25, 30seconds, ISO100.

This is how I took this photo.

First I mounted the camera on a tripod on the beach, and attached a ND3.0 filter. This filter only passes through 0.098% of the light, and reduces the received light by 10 stops, so I can take long exposures during the middle of the day. See this article for more information about ND filters.


At this point, I’m glad to have an SLT camera and not an SLR. With an SLR, the viewfinder (which is an optical view through the lens) would’ve been more or less completely black, as hardly any light is passed through. However, with the SLT you have an electronic viewfinder, which will work even when adding a 10 stop ND filter. I will normally have to switch to manual focus.

After focusing, I set the camera to Shutter priority, select 30 seconds, and ISO100.


Then I connected my Vello wireless remote. This is excellent both for taking “selfies”, but can also be programmed for time lapse (taking photo with a given frequency), as well as very long exposures (longer than the maximum of 30 seconds which the camera itself can do). I’ve also used this to be my own assistant, holding a reflector, and firing the camera with the remote.

I position myself, and click the remote to take the photo. After counting to 10, I move to a new position, and then do this a third time. And the photo you see is the result. I’ve done some contrast and clarity adjustments in Adobe LR, as well as taking down the blacks. Yes, and of course removing a lot of sensor spots, which show up at F25. Need to have that sensor cleaned again 🙂