Historic Camera Cabinet


Today, I finally got around to go through a lot of boxes in the basement, and went down memory lane. And got to display some of my historic photo and film equipment in two glass cabinets.

On the top is a manual film (double 8mm) viewer

“For ALL 8mm moves –  color and black and white” 🙂

as well as a movie titler

“to make dramatic close ups” 🙂

I must say I prefer using Adobe Premiere…

See detailed photos below.

Here are some of the first cameras I used.

Next a stack of instamatic cameras, as well as a polaroid and the “famous” Kodak disc camera.


My first SLR was the Pentax ME SE. In addition to the 50mm F2, I had a 75-150mm F3.8 and a 28mm F2.8. I bought this camera in California in 1981.

On the left is my first digital camera, the Sony Mavica, which I bought in 1997. It used floppy disk (see the nice labels I made), and with a resolution of 640×480 pixels, I could store 20 photos on one floppy. (Today I would need 25 floppies to store one photo). The lens is actually pretty good: (35mm equivalent) 40-400mm F1.8.

On the right is the 3mpixel Sony cybershot F505V, which I bought in 2000. This uses the Sony Memory stick for storage. The lens is  (35mm equivalent) 38-190mm F2.8-3.3

I found four different tape splicers, for splicing 8mm movies. Adobe Premiere makes the job a lot simpler… 🙂

Here are two of my  oldest 8mm movie cameras. The rear one is a “Kodak Eight-55 camera”. while the front one is a “Yashica 8-EIII”, which has three lenses. On the left is a “laser” pointer, which projects an error on the screen, using a regular light-bulb and a lens. There is a focus ring on the front.

Some newer 8mm movie cameras. I used the rear one for stop motion filming, using the string shutter.

Another 8mm film movie camera with sound (!), and my first video camera which used 8mm tape. This was bought in 1988, and you rested it on your shoulder.

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