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NSFF Yearbook

2015.05.23@17.02.16-jes2015.05.23@17.02.46-jesThe Norwegian Society of Photography, NSFF is an organisation for Norwegian film and photography clubs and which aims to promote cinematic and photographic versatility and activity”.

These are the opening words in the NSFF Yearbook 2014, which is a collection of photographs, all taken in 2014 by members of the association. It is a fantastic catalog with a lot of really great photos, and I feel honored to have one of my photos in this catalog.

Here is the photo, taken in Antelope Canyon, November 2014.


Performance at Trondarnes Folkehøgskole, 2015-05-08


Bilder fra avslutningsforestillinga på Trondarnes Folkehøgskole i Harstad, 2015-05-08, hvor Oda Mari var med.

Se bilder som lysbilder nedenfor.

Photos from the performance at Trondarnes Folkehøgskole in Harstad, Norway, where my daughter Oda Mari performed.

See the photos as a slideshow below.

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