1000 acceptances

I recently received the results from the Victoria circuit in India. I got 42 acceptances, including 8 new photos. This means that with the results from this competition, I’ve reached two of my personal goals:
  • 1000 acceptances
  • 200 different photos

The acceptances have been received from 53 different countries.

The first competition I entered was Al-Thani in 2011. I entered 8 photos, and got the following three photos accepted:

This inspired me to enter more competitions, and reach for the FIAP goals, which is about achieving number of titles, number of acceptances, number of countries and number of awards. I got AFIAP in 2014. Then followed EFIAP, EFIAP/Bronse and in 2017 I got EFIAP/Silver.
My awarded photos are found here.


Accepted photos

Below are of my accepted photos, in no particular order (some nudity).



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