Happy holidays


Rainbow at Solsiden

When walking home from work today, I captured this Rainbow at Solsiden.

I used the panorama function on my iPhone 6.


2016-12-31 Nacreous clouds


Beautiful polar stratopheric clouds over Levanger on the last day of the year.


Last night, there were fireworks in Trondheim, and I decided to try to get some photos. I decided to try using manual shutter (with remote, to avoid shaking the camera).

All photos are taken with Sony Alpha A99, with 11-18mm lens, ISO 200 and aperture F5.0. Then manually opened the shutter when I saw one being fired, and closed after the explosion.

Fireworks were created by by Roy Tronstad.

Northern lights in August

This is the first time I’ve taken photos of the Northern lights wearing shorts…2015.08.15@23.21.57-jes

Another one…

Yes I know… More sunsets. But they are all different, and so beautiful this time of year. This one was taken at 22:51.



Sony Alpha A99 -1/3200, F5, ISO 100, 50mm, 24-70F2.8


Artistic sunset


Taken at 22:55, about 20 minutes after sunset. The blur is caused by moving the camera horizontally.

Sony Alpha A99 – 1/13, F14, ISO 100, 50mm, 24-70F2.8


Strange clouds over Trondheim

2014.04.12@18.24.41-jesAfter some heavy rain and wind, these clouds appeared over the Trondheim Fjord yesterday.