Forestillingen “Gullhår” på ISAK

I går var det premiære på forestillingen “Gullhår” på ISAK i Trondheim. Stykket er laget og satt opp av Bolla og Lillebill Teaterselskap. Dette er et uavhengig, fritt, fem år gammelt fantastisk teaterselskap av og med frivillig ungdom i Trondheim og omegn.

Jeg fikk gleden av å se premiæren, og også ta bilder av denne. Det er mye humor i forestillingen og publikum koste seg. Dette til tross for “liket” som ligger på scenen under hele forestillingen.  Dette er noen ganger i fokus, men blir også glemt, når andre ting skjer. Jeg synes ungdommene hadde gjort en flott jobb med forestillingen.

Et slideshow med alle bildene ligger nederst.





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The Witches of Salem

The witches of Salem The “Witches of Salem” is a story by Arthur Miller, which is about the witch trials in 1692/93. Class 2MD at Charlottenlund high-school put this up as a play this week, and I got the lucky job of documenting this.

I find the final quote very important: “How to find the truth when people are controlled by fear?“. Fear is a very powerful tool for control, and it is being used throughout the world today as well.


Thank you all for putting up a GREAT play 🙂

I’ve started with some of my favorite photos. At the end you’ll find a slide show.

If you participated in the play, and want to get a larger size image for printing, send me a message.



2013.01.31@18.57.53-jes 2013.01.31@18.43.21-jes 2013.01.31@18.26.48-jes 2013.01.31@19.00.07-jes

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Mowgli – Bare Necessities

Just a quick follow-up from my post from Mowgli.

Just realized that had captured the video of the final song from the show. Enjoy 🙂

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Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to see my daughter Oda Mari in the play Mowgli at her high-school. She was the cute little elephant who wanted to play and not march with the others.

They were all really great, and true to their animals. Great fun. Enjoy the photos below.