Happy holidays


Another one…

Yes I know… More sunsets. But they are all different, and so beautiful this time of year. This one was taken at 22:51.



Sony Alpha A99 -1/3200, F5, ISO 100, 50mm, 24-70F2.8


Artistic sunset


Taken at 22:55, about 20 minutes after sunset. The blur is caused by moving the camera horizontally.

Sony Alpha A99 – 1/13, F14, ISO 100, 50mm, 24-70F2.8


The sky and ocean is on fire


Another beautiful sunset at Levanger. I have not adjusted the colors in this photo. This is the way they were… This is taken at 22:52.

Sony Alpha A99 – 1/100, F4.5, ISO100, 24mm, 24-70F2.8


Another sunset

Yes, I do like sunsets. And I’ve seen a lot more sunsets than sunrises 🙂

The advantage of living far North, is that the sunset lasts as long time. And they are all very different. I saw this when driving home from town on Thursday, and just had to stop and take this photo. It looks almost artificial, but that’s what I thought when I saw it as well.