Lonely tree in Grand Canyon

Lonely tree in Grand Canyon.jpg


Aurora in Trondheim 2017-11-07

Unseen Amsterdam – The Photo Pleasure Palace

2017.09.23@14.48.44-jes.jpgIn September this year, I visited the Unseen Amsterdam for the second time. A lot of great photography, good presentations, a big book fair, and of course a lot of people in the beautiful weather in Amsterdam.

New this year (at least I did not see it last year), was the Photo Pleasure Palace, by Thomas Maileander and Erik Kessels. They had taken a humorous look at photography, and some examples shown below.


The toilet obscura

A camera obscura, with a toilet. Which was not working, but the idea was fun. From there you could watch the Trump Jump (see below).

2017.09.23@15.00.04-jes.jpg    2017.09.23@14.56.58-jes.jpg

The smash gallery

2017.09.23@15.03.31-jesThe audience could buy wooden blocks, and throw at a wall with photos. If you hit a photo, it was wrapped for you, and you got to take it home.


Jump Trump

2017.09.23@14.51.10-jes.jpgThe Jump Trump gave you a chance to jump on Trump. I guess you didn’t even know you wanted to do this, right 🙂


See video below






Rainbow at Solsiden

When walking home from work today, I captured this Rainbow at Solsiden.

I used the panorama function on my iPhone 6.