Last year I visited Madrid, and decided to go and see a flamenco show. I had gotten a recommendation to go to Las Tablas, which is not really a known place, but was supposed to be very good. I asked the hotel to book, and they hadn’t even heard about the place, but managed to get a table. I decided to try public transportation to get there, so I took the sub-way to the nearest stop. I had some problems finding the place, as it had entrance from another street than the address, as well as on the second level. And trying to ask for directions in English wasn’t always easy in Madrid.

But found the place eventually, and got a table close to the little stage. I guess the place had around 15 tables all together. I was allowed to photograph, but no flash. All photos in this post are taken with my Sony Alpha 580, with the 24-70 F2.8 lens, with the ISO cranked up to 12800.  I did some noise reduction in Adobe Lightroom afterwards.

The Flamenco dance is very emotional and energetic, even when you don’t understand the words being sung.