Moon slice sunset



The woodpecker and the moon

At our cabin we’ve had a woodpecker visiting during the last year. He keeps coming back to our bird feeder, and he no longer cares whether we’re outside or not. The other day I went outside, and he was sitting high in the tree, and the moon was right behind him, so I ran for my camera and got this shot.

Our neighbors in the sky

Last Saturday we had a really clear sky for a change, and I got some photos of our celestial neighbors. I used my 11-18mm lens, and took two different pictures, and then stitched them together. The stitch itself is very visible, especially due to the wide angle lens, but the moon is placed overlapping in the two photos. So from left to right: Mars (far down to the left), Moon, Jupiter and Venus. Due to the forest I never got to see Mercury, and before Saturn decided to come above the horizon, the clouds came.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Both photos are taken at 11mm, 400 ISO, F8, 2.5seconds.