1000 acceptances

I recently received the results from the Victoria circuit in India. I got 42 acceptances, including 8 new photos. This means that with the results from this competition, I’ve reached two of my personal goals:
  • 1000 acceptances
  • 200 different photos

The acceptances have been received from 53 different countries.

The first competition I entered was Al-Thani in 2011. I entered 8 photos, and got the following three photos accepted:

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Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij

On December 20th, I arranged a photo walk to the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam. I was recommended this area by several people, as an interesting area for photography, which was confirmed when I got there. The NDSM wharf is very easily accessible by ferry from the Amsterdam Central station, which runs every 30 minutes, and is free.

I invited to a photo walk using MeetUp at the Dutch Photography Meetup Group, and got around 10 responses. I also arranged with model Eva, who also joined us.

I invited to the photo walk…

  • on a place where I’d never been before
  • with people I’d never met before
  • with a model I’d never worked with before.

Recipe for an interesting day :-).

And I think it turned out very good. We had some wind, but the sun was out, with some clouds, giving different light. (The next day it was raining all day). After the walk we ended up at the Noorderlicht Café, where several of us had cocoa with brandy.

I tried to gather everybody for a photo, but there were so many interesting things to see and photograph, that a couple of the most active photographers are missing from this photo. (I guess this confirms the rule that the probability of gathering n people is proportional to the square of n :-))

A piece of good advice, painted on the tiles.

Below are some of my photos from this photo walk.








På kvinnedagen 8. mars, åpner en utstilling på Sverresborg museum i Trondheim, som heter “Ukjent kvinne – Hverdagsheltinne“. På denne utstillingen kan du blant annet se dette bildet av min svigermor, Anny Skarsholt, som jeg tok på hennes 90-årsdag i november 2012.

Anny 90 years

Anny er en fantastisk kvinne, som har omsorg og positivitet så det holder til hele familien. Hun og hennes mann Jens feiret i sommer jernbryllup, de hadde vært gift i 70 år. De bor sammen i sitt eget hus. Hun er daglig aktiv både på Facebook og Skype, og engasjerer seg i barn, barnebarn og oldebarn. Hun har jobbet som lærer hele sitt liv, og satt sin ære i å lære barn og samfunn god etikk og moral i livet.

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On the International Women’s day (March 8th),  the Sverresborg museum in Trondheim opens an exhibition, honoring women. The exhibition has the title: “Unknown woman – Everyday heroine“. At this exhibition, you will find the above photo of my mother-in-law, Anny Skarsholt, which I took on her 90th birthday in November 2012.

Anny is a fantastic woman, who is positive and caring. She and her husbond Jens, celebrated 70 years of marriage in August. They are living together in their house, and are active on Facebook and Skype almost every day, and follows up on children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She has worked as a teacher most of her life, and has always tried to teach children good ethics.