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EFIAP – Brag post

Warning: This is a brag post 🙂

2015-06-02 17.03.44

Yesterday I received my EFIAP award. The Excellence FIAP award is given to photographers based on acceptance of photographs in international competitions. The requirements for receiving the EFIAP are:

  • 50 different photographs
  • Receiving at least 250 acceptances
  • In 30 different competitions
  • In at least 20 different countries

I am very proud to have received this award 🙂

Here are some of my accepted photos (warning: some nudity)

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NSFF Yearbook

2015.05.23@17.02.16-jes2015.05.23@17.02.46-jesThe Norwegian Society of Photography, NSFF is an organisation for Norwegian film and photography clubs and which aims to promote cinematic and photographic versatility and activity”.

These are the opening words in the NSFF Yearbook 2014, which is a collection of photographs, all taken in 2014 by members of the association. It is a fantastic catalog with a lot of really great photos, and I feel honored to have one of my photos in this catalog.

Here is the photo, taken in Antelope Canyon, November 2014.


My first photo book on Blurb

The book module in Adobe Lightroom makes it possible to create nice looking books from a collection. The book can then be uploaded directly to Blurb, and you can order high quality printed copies of the book.

I’ve added my first public book on blurb. Click on the photo below to have a look.

Triple me selfie


While at the workshop at Agdenes last week-end, I took this tripple-self-portrait. This is done with one exposure only, at the middle of the day and it’s taken with by Sony Alpha SLT A99, with  SAL70200F2.8, F25, 30seconds, ISO100.

This is how I took this photo.

First I mounted the camera on a tripod on the beach, and attached a ND3.0 filter. This filter only passes through 0.098% of the light, and reduces the received light by 10 stops, so I can take long exposures during the middle of the day. See this article for more information about ND filters.


At this point, I’m glad to have an SLT camera and not an SLR. With an SLR, the viewfinder (which is an optical view through the lens) would’ve been more or less completely black, as hardly any light is passed through. However, with the SLT you have an electronic viewfinder, which will work even when adding a 10 stop ND filter. I will normally have to switch to manual focus.

After focusing, I set the camera to Shutter priority, select 30 seconds, and ISO100.


Then I connected my Vello wireless remote. This is excellent both for taking “selfies”, but can also be programmed for time lapse (taking photo with a given frequency), as well as very long exposures (longer than the maximum of 30 seconds which the camera itself can do). I’ve also used this to be my own assistant, holding a reflector, and firing the camera with the remote.

I position myself, and click the remote to take the photo. After counting to 10, I move to a new position, and then do this a third time. And the photo you see is the result. I’ve done some contrast and clarity adjustments in Adobe LR, as well as taking down the blacks. Yes, and of course removing a lot of sensor spots, which show up at F25. Need to have that sensor cleaned again 🙂


FIAP_LogoToday I received notice my AFIAP application was approved 🙂

“The distinction “Artist FIAP” (AFIAP) is the first artistic distinction that can be obtained [from FIAP]. It is awarded to photographic artists whose artistic qualities, technique and production of work have been acknowledged through the participation in international salons under FIAP Patronage.”

“The purpose of FIAP (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique) is the promotion of photographic art under all its aspects and by all kinds of photographic events. All considerations of political, ideological or racial order are absolutely banned from the activities of FIAP.”

The following are the requirements for AFIAP:

  • At least 40 accepted photos, whereas 4 of these with printed photos
  • From at least 15 different photos
  • From at least 15 different competitions
  • From at least 8 different countries

Here are some of my accepted photos

Across the bridgeAcross the Bridge

Let me out           Stay away
Let me out                                                     Stay Away

Canal AmsterdamCanal Amsterdam

One drink too manyOne drink too many


Zabrinskie Point SunriseZabrinskie Point Sunrise

Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij

On December 20th, I arranged a photo walk to the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam. I was recommended this area by several people, as an interesting area for photography, which was confirmed when I got there. The NDSM wharf is very easily accessible by ferry from the Amsterdam Central station, which runs every 30 minutes, and is free.

I invited to a photo walk using MeetUp at the Dutch Photography Meetup Group, and got around 10 responses. I also arranged with model Eva, who also joined us.

I invited to the photo walk…

  • on a place where I’d never been before
  • with people I’d never met before
  • with a model I’d never worked with before.

Recipe for an interesting day :-).

And I think it turned out very good. We had some wind, but the sun was out, with some clouds, giving different light. (The next day it was raining all day). After the walk we ended up at the Noorderlicht Café, where several of us had cocoa with brandy.

I tried to gather everybody for a photo, but there were so many interesting things to see and photograph, that a couple of the most active photographers are missing from this photo. (I guess this confirms the rule that the probability of gathering n people is proportional to the square of n :-))

A piece of good advice, painted on the tiles.

Below are some of my photos from this photo walk.







Viking market in Trondheim

Here are some photos I took when visiting the Viking Marked in Trondheim today.

Åse Hammer sekstett

På lørdag hadde Åse Hammer sekstett konsert på Olavs Pub i Trondheim, og i tillegg til å nyte musikken, fikk jeg også lov til å ta bilder derfra. Resultatet finner du her. Hvis du også har lyst til å høre litt av musikken, kan du sjekke Devil may care og You go to my head.