Viking market in Trondheim

Here are some photos I took when visiting the Viking Marked in Trondheim today.

Åse Hammer sekstett

På lørdag hadde Åse Hammer sekstett konsert på Olavs Pub i Trondheim, og i tillegg til å nyte musikken, fikk jeg også lov til å ta bilder derfra. Resultatet finner du her. Hvis du også har lyst til å høre litt av musikken, kan du sjekke Devil may care og You go to my head.


The Witches of Salem

The witches of Salem The “Witches of Salem” is a story by Arthur Miller, which is about the witch trials in 1692/93. Class 2MD at Charlottenlund high-school put this up as a play this week, and I got the lucky job of documenting this.

I find the final quote very important: “How to find the truth when people are controlled by fear?“. Fear is a very powerful tool for control, and it is being used throughout the world today as well.


Thank you all for putting up a GREAT play 🙂

I’ve started with some of my favorite photos. At the end you’ll find a slide show.

If you participated in the play, and want to get a larger size image for printing, send me a message.



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Death Valley Trip – Furnace Creek

After visiting Badwater, my next stop was Furnace Creek. This ranch is located 58 m below sea level and has a population of 24.

Furnace Creek Ranch
A sign at the entrance showed that the temperature record was 134F (56.67C) on July 13th 1913. Being here in October, the temperature was around 90F.

The general store sold about anything, and the restaurant was really nice.General Store

I also took a walk through the mining museum, which holds a lot of old machinery from the mining days.Mining Museum Mining Museum Mining Museum Mining Museum

The last photo is of “Old Dinah” of 1894, which replaced the mules. Old Dinah

The Danish guard


Some photos of the Danish guards at Amalienborg palace in Copenhagen.







Rainbows are fascinating. And hard to capture with camera. And normally you don’t have  a lot of time until it disappears. But this one (or ones, as I could actually see the second rainbow for some time) actually stayed for some time, letting me try different angles.

My 70-200 was on the camera when I picked it up, and I got this shot:

(I guess I’ll ring the doorbell, and ask for the pot of gold :-))

But I hurried to get my 11-18, and got the top shot, as well as this one, where you can see most of the second rainbow. Can you see that the colors are reversed?