Death Valley Trip – Shoshone

My first stop on my way to Death Valley, was the Shoshone Village. This is a tiny little village, which (according to Wikipedia) had a population of 31 in 2010. And it has it’s own airport 🙂

Fun little place to stop for lunch and some photos.

Below is about half of Shoshone, including the Crowbar Cafe & Saloon.

I had lunch at the cafe. Good food and great service (no, that’s not me in the picture :-)).

The sheriff is located here. Looks like this needs some renovation 🙂

The old gas station. There was actually a real gas station in Shoshone. The price of gas here was 6.65USD/gallon. In Las Vegas it was around 4USD/gallon. So fill up before you go.

The railroad crossing. I didn’t see any rails or trains, though…