Performance at Trondarnes Folkehøgskole, 2015-05-08


Bilder fra avslutningsforestillinga på Trondarnes Folkehøgskole i Harstad, 2015-05-08, hvor Oda Mari var med.

Se bilder som lysbilder nedenfor.

Photos from the performance at Trondarnes Folkehøgskole in Harstad, Norway, where my daughter Oda Mari performed.

See the photos as a slideshow below.

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Åse Hammer sekstett

På lørdag hadde Åse Hammer sekstett konsert på Olavs Pub i Trondheim, og i tillegg til å nyte musikken, fikk jeg også lov til å ta bilder derfra. Resultatet finner du her. Hvis du også har lyst til å høre litt av musikken, kan du sjekke Devil may care og You go to my head.


The Witches of Salem

The witches of Salem The “Witches of Salem” is a story by Arthur Miller, which is about the witch trials in 1692/93. Class 2MD at Charlottenlund high-school put this up as a play this week, and I got the lucky job of documenting this.

I find the final quote very important: “How to find the truth when people are controlled by fear?“. Fear is a very powerful tool for control, and it is being used throughout the world today as well.


Thank you all for putting up a GREAT play 🙂

I’ve started with some of my favorite photos. At the end you’ll find a slide show.

If you participated in the play, and want to get a larger size image for printing, send me a message.



2013.01.31@18.57.53-jes 2013.01.31@18.43.21-jes 2013.01.31@18.26.48-jes 2013.01.31@19.00.07-jes

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Last year I visited Madrid, and decided to go and see a flamenco show. I had gotten a recommendation to go to Las Tablas, which is not really a known place, but was supposed to be very good. I asked the hotel to book, and they hadn’t even heard about the place, but managed to get a table. I decided to try public transportation to get there, so I took the sub-way to the nearest stop. I had some problems finding the place, as it had entrance from another street than the address, as well as on the second level. And trying to ask for directions in English wasn’t always easy in Madrid.

But found the place eventually, and got a table close to the little stage. I guess the place had around 15 tables all together. I was allowed to photograph, but no flash. All photos in this post are taken with my Sony Alpha 580, with the 24-70 F2.8 lens, with the ISO cranked up to 12800.  I did some noise reduction in Adobe Lightroom afterwards.

The Flamenco dance is very emotional and energetic, even when you don’t understand the words being sung.

Step-By-Step 25års jubileum

The first week-end of December, the  Step-by-Step dance studio set up a great show in Olavshallen to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Since my daughter was part of the performance, I got in touch with Hilde Hellan, which gave me a free pass, and full access to the stage area for taking photos.

I brought my Sony Alpha 580 with a 24-70 F2.8 lens and my old (currently being used by my wife) Sony Alpha 350 with a 100F2.8 lens, and after almost three hours with these two cameras, my neck was killing me.

This is the first time I’ve done a stage shoot at this scale, and retouching this batch of photos was a lot of work, and really took a long time, but finally today I consider myself done. This has been a really good learning experience for me. Due to the artificial light, I did have to do a lot of white balance adjustments, as well as noise reduction due to using high ISO (up to 12800 with my 580).

I also learned to pay attention, especially when changing memory cards. Suddenly in the middle of changing an almost full card, I was hit by a very bright light. I was not aware that the number which was just starting (the one by the camels, by the way) would also take place on the side areas of the stage, where I had been standing in complete darkness throughout the performance. Well, at least I saw enough to insert the card in a hurry, and slide back into darkness (where we photographers belong) 🙂

Below are some of my favorite shots. You’ll find the full official release here.