The sky and ocean is on fire


Another beautiful sunset at Levanger. I have not adjusted the colors in this photo. This is the way they were… This is taken at 22:52.

Sony Alpha A99 – 1/100, F4.5, ISO100, 24mm, 24-70F2.8


Death Valley Trip – Death Valley Junction

If you are going to Death Valley Junction, the place to stay is the Armagosa Opera house. Actually it’s the only place to stay 🙂

The population is less than 20, but it does have it’s own airport…

The Armagosa Opera house also holds a motel, where I pre-booked a room for the night. Which was good, because there were no available rooms when I arrived. The contrast to the Palazzo in Las Vegas, where I spent the week before, was huge.

The motel is pretty worn down, but still has it’s charm and is definitely worth a visit. Here is the reception area. Notice the guitar on the chair, which is painted on the wall.

Each room is different, and they have a photo of each room at their web-site. My room looked like this, and I even had a shower with hot and cold water.

After checking in, I went back on the highway to try to capture the sunset. Here is a photo of what I think is called Shadow Mountain.

(1/80s, F9.0, ISO100, 30mm – Lens 24-70F2.8)

And then later during sunset

(1250s, F10, ISO800, 70mm – Lens 24-70F2.8)

Here it is almost dark, and the moon is up in the corner.

(1/50s, F4.5 ISO 100, 12mm – Lens 11-18)

What really amazed me by being in the desert was the silence. I could hear no sounds at all. Except for a car passing by. Even turning the dials on the camera sounded like thunder after a while. Quite amazing, how there can be no sound.

Back at the Opera House the manager was kind enough to let me borrow the key to the stage, so I got to take a couple of photos there as well.

The 12th Malmö Intenational Exhibition of Photografic Art


Just wanted to brag a little before going to bed… 🙂

I had this photo accepted at the “The 12th Malmö Intenational Exhibition of Photografic Art“.
Almost 600 photographers had submitted over 4500 photos.

Sunset time-lapse

Enjoy the time-lapse of the sunset in Trondheim last night.

Time-lapse sunset in the forest

I finally got a timer for my camera, and decided to try to make a time-lapse video. I set the timer to take one HDR image every 20 seconds, from 19:30 until 00:00, taking a total of 1513 images.

I set the camera to the lowest possible resolution (2448×1624 pixels). In addition, I set to HDR with one shutter step offset, meaning that the camera took three images every 20 seconds, combining this into one HDR image.

Back home, I used Adobe Premiere Pro to make one video of this. The resulting video is around 30 seconds.

Click here to see the video.

Enjoy 🙂

PS. There is no sound