2016-12-31 Nacreous clouds


Beautiful polar stratopheric clouds over Levanger on the last day of the year.

En reise – NM i film 2015


I 2015 deltok jeg for første gang i NM i film, og ble belønna med en sølvmedalje for denne 🙂

“En reise” er en liten digital historie (litt over 2 minutter) om en av mine hobbier.

I tillegg fikk jeg hederlig omtale for en minuttfilm jeg har laget fra solnedgangen over Trondheimsfjorden.

Filmene finner du under.


November clouds before sunrise

This video shows the view from my office in Trondheim, Norway. It was taken this morning, just before sunrise.

Sunset time-lapse

Enjoy the time-lapse of the sunset in Trondheim last night.

Time-lapse sunset in the forest

I finally got a timer for my camera, and decided to try to make a time-lapse video. I set the timer to take one HDR image every 20 seconds, from 19:30 until 00:00, taking a total of 1513 images.

I set the camera to the lowest possible resolution (2448×1624 pixels). In addition, I set to HDR with one shutter step offset, meaning that the camera took three images every 20 seconds, combining this into one HDR image.

Back home, I used Adobe Premiere Pro to make one video of this. The resulting video is around 30 seconds.

Click here to see the video.

Enjoy 🙂

PS. There is no sound